Dear travelers,

If you´re here we´ve probably met on the beautiful Tenerife and you´re considering a photo-shoot. I´m glad you took time to have a look at my portfolio;)

Now - let´s make it a win-win situation so that everybody´s happy.

1st thing you don´t get from other photographers you might bump into here:


-You don´t pay until you see all the photos-

How is that? I´ve been thinking for some time how to guarantee my customers that they get what they really want and wish for and came up with this idea. No hints! I use shootproof professional online galleries where you can have a look at all post-processed photos before deciding whether you want to have them or not. You´re not getting this anywhere else.

What do I have to lose? Only time. As well as you have only the time to lose.

How do I keep going?

Most of my customers are happy with the pictures and they really like the idea of paying after seeing the results. So that´s the win-win for me and for you or your family.

How do I keep protected from printscreens?

All the pictures in the on-line gallery are protected with watermarks, so unless you purchase them, you get the pictures only with watermark.

Do we need a car for the photoshoot?

There are many good spots in Las Américas with beautiful beaches and Sunsets. Short photoshoots take place here. We will never be alone, because there are always people walking around, but of course that´s my work to make the pictures look like we´re alone;)

If you´re considering having a photoshoot somewhere else, I´ll be happy to join you, the rules are the same, you don´t pay for the photos until you see them and decide for yourself. In this case it´s only fair to pay for a car rent and gasoline upfront.

Drone photos

Another exception is drone shooting, I don´t risk loosing my drone for free. It´s necessary to be on an abandoned spot away from people or anything that might disturb us, stay in the way with possible collision or make somebody else uncomfortable.

Let´s make it special;)



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